New updates and improvements to Novocall.

  1. Create Zaps to automate your workflow following your appointments! Now you can connect TimeSync to +4000 apps. Try it now!

    Snip & Sketch 2021-10-14 at 12.37.49 PM

  2. We added more question types to the invitee questions! Now you can collect information better.

    Novocall - Google Chrome 2021-10-12 at 10.45.21 AM

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  3. New Webhook Events

    Improvement 💪

    Now you can get rescheduled and cancelled appointment notifications and automate your workflow via Webhook. The event triggers were also added for Slack, Ms Teams, Flock, and Pabbly.

    Novocall - Google Chrome 2021-10-12 at 9.10.43 AM

    P.S. Pssst... Zapier is coming soon!

  4. Duplicate Meetings

    New Feature 🚀

    Here's the highly requested one - Duplicate meetings!

    Duplicating a meeting will create a copy of the meeting with the exact settings -- except for the integrations.

    This way you can quickly set a new meeting but still have the flexibility to integrate different accounts. Try it now!


    Duplicate a meeting type

    I want to be able to duplicate a meeting type instead of creating a new meeting from scratch.

    Putri Wibowo
    Shipped 🚀


  5. One button for all! Pro users now can turn-off branding toggle in the user page to remove branding from all of your booking pages! Go to Settings > User Setting > User Page.

    Screen Recording 2021-10-04 at PM
  6. New Pabbly integration

    New Feature 🚀

    Connect TimeSync with Pabbly.

    Unlock more automated processes by integrating TimeSync with Pabbly.

    You can send new invitees to Google Sheets or CRM via Pabbly, and many more possibilities.

    Announcements - (Novocall) Pabbly Integration

    Pabbly integration

    Send invitees data to Pabbly to trigger email campaign.

    Putri Wibowo
    Shipped 🚀


  7. Custom Location

    Improvement 💪

    You can add custom locations to your meetings!

    Simply select "Custom" on Locations. A text field will appear for you to enter your custom location.


    Try it out here ✍️

  8. You can now add checkbox as a custom field for your booking page.

    This is particularly useful for GDPR compliance. You can use it for seeking consent when collecting user data from your invitees.



    Add checkbox as a custom field for booking page

    A new custom form field - check box! You can use it for seeking consent when collecting user data from your invitees, especially useful for GDPR compliance.

    Shipped 🚀


  9. Booking Page Translation

    New Feature 🚀

    TimeSync booking page now available in 5 languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

    Give your clients the best appointment booking experience in their native language.

    Announcements - (Novocall) Translation

    Want to add more languages? Fill up this form to submit request.


    Booking page translation

    Have fields in the booking page where we can translate to different languages

    Shipped 🚀